The Benefits of Interior Wall Cladding for Commercial Premises

In the construction industry, the process of cladding involves coating a particular building a material with another, usually for purposes of safety or aesthetics. There are many different materials which construction professionals can use to clad a wall, including wood, plastic imitation stone and metal. In this article, the team at Radford Group will look at the benefits of interior wall cladding in a little more detail, demonstrating why you need it for your construction project.


Protect your building

The main reason why you would want to install interior wall cladding for your commercial premises relates to safety, as it adds a layer of protection to the building. More specifically, cladding increases the mechanical strength of a building, offering protection from the elements. Buildings that incorporate cladding into their structure are more resistant to cracks caused by changes in temperature, water absorption, sunlight and even pollution. On top of this, cladding can also provide protection against rain, mould and strong winds.

Ultimately, cladding will increase the lifespan of the building and, despite the cost, could well save money in the long run given the sum that you will save on repairs.


Low maintenance

Another important benefit of interior wall cladding is that it’s low maintenance. Compared to a painted surface, cladding requires very little cleaning or repairs, thanks to it’s sturdy nature. Consequently, cladding rarely needs more than a regular wash to keep it looking clean and appealing.

What’s more, the low maintenance nature of cladding applies, regardless of the material used. Whether the cladding is constructed from aluminium or PVC, both will be able to protect the structure of the building whilst requiring little maintenance. Brick, on the other hand, requires even less maintenance but will cost you more upfront.


The look

Whilst the primary reasons for opting to clad your interior walls during a construction project are practical, there is also an aesthetic aspect to consider. If the cladding is chosen appropriately, it can dramatically change the overall appearance of a building and, in many cases, significantly increase its market value. The sheer number of styles and materials on offer when it comes to cladding reflects this.

For example, simply focussing on granite cladding, you could opt for a variety of different colours and then opt for a polished or rough finish. This demonstrates the options at your disposal when it comes to trying to create the look you want.

interior wall clading

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