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Top Considerations When Having a Company Rebrand

In order to keep pace with the times, businesses need to change; this is true of all companies. However, in certain cases, a complete brand overhaul is required. This means changing things like your logo, voice, office layout, site design and even your name. This is no small feat. Branding defines who you are and, […]

Office Design: Choosing the Right Colour Scheme

Arguably one of the hardest decisions you’ll make when fitting out your office: choosing the right colour scheme. There are important psychological implications, as well as various design conventions to consider when making your choice, all of which might have an impact on the way your employees interact and work in your office. In light […]

How To Create Successful Office Breakout Zones

Recent years have seen a trend in workers spending less time glued to their screens and spending more time in innovative, engaging spaces. Breakout zones are ‘staffrooms’ of sorts, but more specifically they are areas of the workplace where employees can chill out or attend informal meetings. The decor and design of these spaces is […]

Why is office design important?

You’ve undoubtedly seen online pictures of trendy, open plan office spaces that claim to boost their workers’ output and morale. But is there any truth to these assertions? The simple answer is that office interior design has more influence than you might think, not only on the performance of your staff, but also on prospective […]

The best office design trends of 2016

Latest office design trends are bidding farewell to stuffy cubicles and uninventive meeting spaces, and are welcoming more innovative and creative offices that are tailored to boost productivity. The aesthetic of a workspace can be hugely influential on workers’ happiness and output, a fact that employers are now beginning to understand. With the help of […]