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We would like to welcome you to our blog, a space where we will be posting monthly articles and updates. We will cover not only industry news, but anything exciting going on here at Radford Group, so to keep up-to-date with our news and what’s going on in the interior design industry, why not pay our blog regular visits?

How Visual Merchandising Drives Sales

In the retail industry, visual merchandising is simply the practice of developing floor plans and 3D displays in order to maximise sales. While we all know that retail spaces should be fitted out carefully and deliberately, few of us know the link between this process and an increase in sales. To remedy this, in this […]

The most creative restaurant interiors around the world

Eating out is one of our favourite pastimes as a nation, and consumers were spending over £77 billion by 2015 on this popular leisure time activity. Big restaurant chains are a popular choice in the UK, and we all know many recognisable brands on the high street. However, what happens when you combine a creative […]

Welcome to our Blog

The entire team here at the Radford Group are pleased to welcome you to our brand new blog page! We will use this space to update customers and visitors to our website on any news from within our business or the wider industry. So bookmark this page or check back here regularly to have a […]