Construction Trend: Commercial Green Roofs

Green roofs provide numerous environmental and financial benefits that are becoming increasingly important for commercial buildings. Green roofs help to lower carbon emissions, improve air quality and reduce energy consumption, amongst many other benefits. They also have a great deal of aesthetic value, too, given that they have the ability of marrying natural parkland with basic infrastructure.

In this article, we’ll be looking at green roofs in more depth, helping our readers get their heads around this growing trend.

Green roof with skyscrapers in the background

What exactly are green roofs?

Essentially, instead of using regular building materials, green roofs use a waterproof membrane topped with soil and vegetation. Between these layers are elements which can help maintain the roof, for example, root barriers and drainage and irrigation systems.Green roofs tend to be installed on flat surfaces, but can also be installed on slopes, too, provided they are not too steep.

Green roofs tend to be split into two different types: extensive and intensive. Extensive roofs are created by using a thin layer of soil with shallow, smaller rooted plants likes moss. Intensive roofs, on the other hand, utilise a thicker layer of soil which is intended to support larger plants with longer roots, sometimes even trees!

What are the benefits of green roofs?

  • -Cheaper bills: given that your green roof will provide your building with greater insulation, thermal performance will greatly increase. Plants will be absorbing the sun’s rays in the summer, and in the winter, the roof will be able to lock in heat.
  • -Improve your drainage system: sustainable drainage is important to any building, given that you need to counter flooding in the event of excessive rainfall. Global warming is a factor, too, because the risk of flooding is heightened. Luckily, green roofs can counter this threat, as water is stored in plants and substrate before being released back into the environment.
  • -Increase the lifespan: a roof is continually under attack from the elements and has plenty to cope with throughout the year. Not only will a roof need to sufficiently deal with wind and rain, but ultraviolet light and fluctuating temperatures, too. As such, there’s no surprise that businesses need to consider an alternative option for the roof. Green roofs have been proven to double the life expectancy, as the barrier of greenery helps protect the waterproof membrane.
  • -Helping the environment: the release of carbon dioxide is one of the key contributing factors to global warming. Green roofs help combat this, given that they reduce the need for air conditioning.
Ariel views of a green roof

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