The most creative restaurant interiors around the world

Eating out is one of our favourite pastimes as a nation, and consumers were spending over £77 billion by 2015 on this popular leisure time activity. Big restaurant chains are a popular choice in the UK, and we all know many recognisable brands on the high street. However, what happens when you combine a creative and innovative approach to design, with the dining experience itself? Here are Radford Group’s best picks for creative restaurant interiors on an international scale.


Kawaii Monster Café, Tokyo, Japan

With Japan’s culture of out-there dining experiences, it’s difficult to choose between all the options on offer, including an Alice in Wonderland theme or dining with robots. That is, until you find the Kawaii Monster Cafe. This restaurant is a world of fantasy and art pieces that express the “kawaii” culture in the heart of Harajuku, where people come to express their far-out fashion and outfit designs. What more could you want from a restaurant that feels like it’s a party thrown by the monsters in your closet?



H.R. Giger Bar, Gruyères, Switzerland

On a slightly less fantastical, but no less imaginative note, the Giger Bar is a foreboding, cavernous space designed with arches of vertebrae that cascade across the ceiling. This innovative use of space creates an atmosphere which recalls the tale of Jonah and the Whale. Other interpretations of the space are a feeling of being transformed to a post-apocalyptic world, or to the caves of some prehistoric beast.


Bicicleta, Bucharest, Romania

Another European gem, but perhaps a lighter example than the theme at the Giger Bar, this cafe uses bicycles to create a hip, quirky environment. As well as being a creative and interesting theme for a restaurant, each bicycle is a vintage and recycled piece, here preserved for future generations to enjoy. The cafe also accepts donations for any bikes or bike-related objects which it then recycles, as well as  hosting exhibitions, workshops and music events to support artists in the city.



The Logomo Café, Turku, Finland

Another creative use of design, but with a truly modernistic feel, the Logomo was first created as an art installation. It debuted at the Venice Biennale, winning the architect a Golden Lion award. The interior of the restaurant itself, including the floors, ceilings, walls and bar fittings, is completely covered in a mind-boggling display of criss-crossing lines. This could also be seen as an homage to the building’s past as a machine shop for the national railway.

The dizzying array of black and white stripes is paired with contrasting geometric furniture, and makes for a truly immersive dining experience.


Eleven Madison Park, New York, U.S.A

Not only is this classy establishment everything you would expect from a restaurant located on New York’s Madison Avenue, but the menu itself is a creative journey. You pick your favourites from a choice of 16 ingredients and the chefs create a bespoke meal based on your choices.

Not only is the food one of a kind, but the dining room itself is filled with beautiful lighting; large windows overlooking Madison Square Park and lamps hung tastefully from the high ceilings. The tables and chairs echo a classic ‘small town American-diner’ experience, but have that all-important, high-flying New York feel.


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