How Visual Merchandising Drives Sales

In the retail industry, visual merchandising is simply the practice of developing floor plans and 3D displays in order to maximise sales. While we all know that retail spaces should be fitted out carefully and deliberately, few of us know the link between this process and an increase in sales. To remedy this, in this article we’ll taking a look at this link, helping you understand just how visual merchandising drives sales.


Colour has a vital role when it comes to visual merchandising, but it’s not something that we, the customer, ever consciously consider.

When creating displays and colour schemes in a retail premises, it’s important to think about the impact it will have on those who enter your shop. Red, an emotionally intense colour, is widely used in many retail environments. Symbolising danger, power, love and desire, red is often used to stimulate quick and spontaneous decision-making. Red has been shown to increase blood pressure in those who look at it, and including it in your display could well be the difference between a customer buying those expensive new shoes, or simply leaving them on the wall.

Colour wheel



The positioning of displays in retail environments is just as important as the displays themselves. Why? Because the positioning of these displays will often dictate how customers move around the shop, which is vital if you want to drive sales.

One of the problems with retail shopping these days is that we’re always in a hurry and our attention spans are short. Ultimately, this means that, when in a shop, we skim through many of the displays without seeing what the whole place has to offer. The best way to deal with this is to fashion smaller, standalone displays which act as speed bumps, ensuring that the customer travels round the shop on a route that you want them to and at a speed where they won’t miss anything.

The way this drives sales is simple: the longer customers spend in your shop, the higher the likelihood of them buying something.

Keep changing things up

When we walk into a new shop, the sheer novelty of the situation can often be enough to encourage us to buy something, and there’s science behind that: all of the new stimuli excites us, raising our heart rate and making us much more likely to make quick decisions.

This needn’t be merely for your shop’s opening though, all you need to do is give your a displays an overhaul every now and then, making sure that customer experiences don’t slip into the mundane.


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