How to Optimise Your Retail Space to Maximise on Sales

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When it comes to designing your retail space, it can be difficult to see how the nature of your fit-out may ultimately impact sales in the long run, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. In fact, the manner in which you design and organise that space could prove instrumental in generating revenue for your business. In line with this, the team at Radford Group will be offering some tips this month on how you can optimise your retail space to maximise your sales.

An attractive exterior

Before you begin to worry about customer perception of your shop’s interior, you need to draw them in there first! This means you need to think very carefully about your shops frontage. Ultimately, the most important thing to consider with respect to the design is the message that you would like to communicate to potential customers. It could be sleek, quaint, rugged – whatever you like – as long as it clearly indicates to shoppers who you are and what you’re trying to sell. A great way to do this is by creating attractive window displays and appropriate signage. Every shop on the high street uses window displays, so try and make yours stand out; think about what makes your shop different from  the rest, and try and communicate your identity with a shop front that’s unique and eye-catching.

Easy navigation

Once you have driven traffic into your shop, this is where the design of your retail space can really convert mere browsers into paying customers. One extremely important, and too often ignored, aspect of retail space design is the shop’s layout. More specifically though, how a shop’s layout ultimately affects a customer’s ability to navigate the space and, in turn, their overall experience within the shop. If, for example, you run a clothes shop, the onus should be creating a space that’s open and allows free movement. A supermarket, on the other hand, benefits from the structure of aisles with clear signage, making the most out of the space on offer.

shop layout

Slow their browsing

While your retail space requires a simplicity which makes for easy shopping, you don’t want to make it too easy. That is, you don’t want your customers hurtling around your shop before they’ve had the chance to identify any items they want to buy. The answer: slow them down. Small standalone displays or “speed bumps” can be scattered throughout your shop to make your customer’s journey last a little longer, whilst giving them more time to eye up any items that they might have otherwise missed.

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