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The Difference Between a Category A and Category B Fit Out

  If you are undergoing an office refurbishment or relocation project, the likelihood is that you will have already encountered some tricky jargon. For example, what is the difference between a Category A and Category B fit out? Although this distinction isn’t particularly complex, it’s nonetheless fundamental to such refurb projects. Consequently, in this article, […]

Our Top Design ideas for Small Retail Spaces

There are plenty of reason as to why you may have opted for a small retail space: to create an atmosphere, to avoid too much negative space, or simply perhaps your budget couldn’t stretch to accommodate a larger one. Whatever the reason for your decision to work within in a small retail space, it’s always […]

Office Design: Choosing the Right Colour Scheme

Arguably one of the hardest decisions you’ll make when fitting out your office: choosing the right colour scheme. There are important psychological implications, as well as various design conventions to consider when making your choice, all of which might have an impact on the way your employees interact and work in your office. In light […]

London office relocation – Top tips for a successful move

Relocating offices in London? Radford Interiors understand how overwhelming this process can be and just how much chaos a big upheaval like this can cause. Our experts at Radford Interiors understand how important it is to keep business in motion whilst relocating, so we have put together some top tips to ensure you and your […]

The benefits of buying a new build home

  Discover the benefits of buying a new build with an all you need to know guide written by our housing experts right here at Radford Interiors. Don’t let new builds throw you off, it’s one of the best investments you can make and we’re here to tell you how to make the most of […]

Building regulations: what you need to know for business refurbishments

It’s a question that runs through everyone’s minds when considering business refurbishment – will I need to comply with building regulations? If you’re hoping to make office refurbishments, whether it’s for a much needed rebrand or to make significant modifications to the building itself, it’s extremely likely that you will need approval. It is very […]

The benefits of contract furniture for businesses

Radford Interiors are here to explain what contract furniture is, and why it is beneficial for your business. Not only is it hardwearing, contract furniture will meet industry and fire standards that comply with the government legislation, match the colours from your logo and complement the general style of the room, for a personalised finish […]

Our top tips for a successful shop fit out

This month’s article with Radford Interiors offers tips on what to consider when having a shop fit out and/or renovations. We will be offering both practical and design advice with the aim of improving your establishment’s interior. Here at Radford Interiors we have fitted out establishments such as, Hotel Chocolat, Hilton, Cambridge Hotel, Ministry of […]

How To Create Successful Office Breakout Zones

Recent years have seen a trend in workers spending less time glued to their screens and spending more time in innovative, engaging spaces. Breakout zones are ‘staffrooms’ of sorts, but more specifically they are areas of the workplace where employees can chill out or attend informal meetings. The decor and design of these spaces is […]

The Benefits of Using Dry Lining for Commercial Renovations

Clean, quick and applied with ease; the multiple benefits of dry lining have boosted its recent growth in popularity. This technique is simple and involves attaching dry plasterboards to the interior walls or frame of a build. The numerous advantages offered by this technique are especially appealing to commercial premises where time and efficiency are […]