Top Considerations When Having a Company Rebrand

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In order to keep pace with the times, businesses need to change; this is true of all companies. However, in certain cases, a complete brand overhaul is required.

This means changing things like your logo, voice, office layout, site design and even your name. This is no small feat. Branding defines who you are and, most importantly, dictates how you are perceived by your target market. If you want to alter this perception, you must do so carefully.

So, in this article, the team at Radford Group will be detailing the key considerations when going through a company rebrand.

Why rebrand?

There are many reasons why a company may want to go through a rebrand. However, here are some of the key reasons:

  • If your market has become a little diluted, it might be time to set yourself out from the crowd.
  • Similarly, if you feel there are competitors out there with a logo and message that are a little too close to yours, a rebrand may help to solve the confusion.
  • Perhaps you feel that your core customer base has become a little disinterested, and you want to re-engage them.
  • You might be looking to diversify and want your new image to accommodate for new products and markets.


Considering just how much company capital goes into a full rebrand, making sure that every penny counts comes down to proper planning. The more preparation you do in advance, the better your return on brand investment will be.

Firstly, you need to make sure that senior leadership are on board; the last thing you need is for the rebrand to be rejected once you’ve already begun. Secondly, you’ll want to collect all existing marketing collateral before you begin your rebrand. This is because, in order to properly formulate a plan for where your brand should go, you need to understand where it’s currently positioned.


All successful rebrands start with thorough research. Ultimately, with your research, you want to find out what your brand is currently, how it is perceived by your customers and how this relates to your competitors.


The key to branding is consistency. Once the concept of your new brand has been finalised and brought to life, you need to make sure that your brand permeates all aspects of your business. From your website and social media channels to your office chairs and stationery, your new brand must shine through.


Are you going through a rebrand yourself and need to refurb your office? Our team are construction and fit out professionals, who possess the skills to create a special space for your staff to chill out, brainstorm or play games. Our designers, surveyors and project managers are on hand to provide the expertise needed to make the project a success. If you have an enquiry, simply get in touch with our friendly advisers today.

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